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Achieve your breakthrough with
psychedelic therapy

Overcome depression and anxiety with Peak’s ketamine treatment program for sustainable, long-term results.

The future of mental health is here

Peak offers personalized psychedelic therapy programs that combine clinician-prescribed ketamine with structured wellness coaching to achieve breakthrough results.
Relief within hours
Prolonged clarity
Increased neuroplasticity
Brand new perspectives

Holistic wellness from the inside out

Compassionate care

Our world-class team of integration coaches will help set you up for success with a personalized ketamine program that fits your unique needs and goals.

Constant support

As your experience evolves, a dedicated clinician will carefully manage your treatment program based your feedback to ensure optimal results.

Lasting change

Peak’s integration coaching program provides a solid foundation to help create long-term mental fitness independent of medication.


reported improvement in their mental health*


"This is a game changer. When you take ketamine, it triggers reactions in your cortex that enable brain connections to regrow"

John Krystal, MD

Chief Psychiatrist, Yale Medicine

*Clients with moderate to severe depression and anxiety symptoms who reported improvement in their depression or anxiety during their care with Peak.


Peak is more than just medicine

From regular check-ins to guided integration circles to full service prescription management and more, Peak provides everything you need to make the most of ketamine therapy and find true peace of mind from the comfort of home.

Every month, you’ll meet with your clinician to discuss your progress, review any changes to your health, and update your treatment plan. Your safety is our top priority and our team will ensure you’re progressing towards better days.

All medication, pharmacy, and shipping costs are included in your treatment plan costs. Once your prescription is approved, your medication will be shipped to your home.

Our certified coaches come from a variety of backgrounds to bring you the most holistic experiences possible. Individual sessions let you dive deeper into your personal journey.

Our integration coaches lead classes so you learn about the entire process end to end. You’ll learn how to experience ketamine and integrate your experience to create brighter days.

Learn from others and share your journey. Group sessions are ideal for building empathy and connection with others in your shoes. Our integration coaches lead each session and moderate the conversation.

No downloads required. Log in from our website and use our web app to progress in your journey. Everything you need to do from scheduling to logging each experience is right here.


Meet our talented clinical team

Susan Lozier
Susan Lozier
Susan’s research emphasis was on psychedelic treatments of psychiatric disorders. She received a Master of Medical Science degree and a Physician Associate degree from Yale University School of Medicine.
Tracy Hawse
Tracy Hawse
Tracy has learned various healing modalities including EFT, reiki, and plant medicine ceremonies. She leads people through guided journeys to uncover past traumas that were hidden and blocking their ability to enjoy life.
Liz Zhou
Liz Zhou
Lead integration coach
Liz's psychedelic medicine experiences and training span across twelve countries and various ceremonial, therapeutic, and clinical contexts.

Satisfaction in action

More than 91.5% of clients report improvement in their mental health throughout the duration of their program.

Kelly G.

Without this treatment, I don't think I'd be where I am today.
Read Kelly's Story

Affordable mental health options to meet your needs




Up to 4 ketamine treatments per month

All medication costs included

Monthly medical consultation

Unlimited classes and group sessions

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Start your healing journey today.

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You have questions, we have answers

Peak is a mental health company. We dream of a world where everyone can put mental health first. Peak’s personalized wellness program prioritizes self-healing with ketamine as a change catalyst towards a life no longer dependent on medication.
All of our appointments are currently online over Zoom, HIPAA compliant, and fully confidential.
Since depression can cause significant changes in the brain, it can take time to reverse.

While short-term treatment has shown positive results, long-term treatment is recommended in order to prevent the brain from simply rewiring itself back to its previous state.
If you don't qualify for treatment, you can request a full refund right away.

As soon as you're done signing up, we'll prompt you to schedule a call with one of our care coordinators so you can have your questions answered and your medical history reviewed.
Peak is currently available in the following states:
  • California
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Washington
We're currently on a waitlist status for states we do not currently support. If your state is not listed above, please email us at support@withpeak.com if you would like to know when we're offering services in your state.
1. Take the free assessment

Your journey starts with a free 2-minute online assessment to see if you're a candidate for Peak's ketamine program. To complete this step, please follow this link: https://withpeak.com/assessment

2. Select your monthly membership plan

If Peak is right for you, you'll be able to select one of our membership programs. From there you will complete your intake form and schedule your intro call with your Care Coordinator. To review more information about selecting your membership plan, please click here.

3. Intro Call with a trained Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators are dedicated trained professionals who work alongside you as you complete your journey to ensure that you are taken care of. To start, they assist you by completing an intro call. During your intro call, your Care Coordinator will work with you to review your intake form, and help answer any questions you may have. After your care coordinator confirms your intake form is complete and answers your questions, they will schedule your appointment with a licensed clinician.

4. Appointment with a Licensed Clinician

Your appointment with a licensed clinician will be completed over Zoom, where they will review your medical history. If you qualify, your clinician will start your personalized treatment plan.

5. Start your journey

Once your treatment is shipped to you, we'll guide you in how to have the best experience from the comforts of your own home. This is truly where the healing happens and when you can achieve your mental breakthrough.

6. Use our app to progress your healing

With each treatment, log your progress and your team of clinicians and Care Coordinators will provide feedback and update your plan on demand.
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If you're in emotional distress, here are some resources for immediate help:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
Call or text: 988

Crisis Text Line:
Text Home to 741-741

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